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The modern CEO: Informed. Adaptive. Skilled. Learner.

At GCC, we believe the strength of CEOs and the future of companies lie in learning and leading amidst constant change.

GLOBAL CEO COLLEGE (GCC) is proud to launch Beida Boya Global CEO College Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) and learning journeys. The EMBA and learning journeys equip progressive CEOs with knowledge, skill sets and the building of international connections in a constantly changing global economy, relating especially to the ‘Belt Road Initiative’ (BRI) developments, beginning with a firm understanding of 3 regions: ASEAN, China and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Conducive Small Group Setting

  • Maximize learning from industry experts and other CEOs from ASEAN, China & the Eastern Mediterranean

Business Networking

  • Opportunities for international joint ventures, business partnerships, mergers & acquisitions

Innovative Technology

  • Industries’ best practices

Culture & History

  • Country-specific contributions to other nations

Social Enterprise

  • Social entrepreneurship and how to alleviate country poverty through enterprise


  • By Partner Institutions

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