BEIJING UNIVERSITY BOYA (BU) Global CEO College ‘Learning Journey’ EMBA Program to launch in Singapore in October 2019

Beijing University Boya (BU) Global CEO College
‘Travel and Learn’ EMBA Program will be launching in Singapore in October 2019.

On 7 July this year, Chairman of Singapore 2000 A.D. Venture Pte Ltd (AD) Mr Benny Kan, who is managing the project, visited BU office for a detailed discussion on the launch with Mr Wang Shiming, Director of Centre for International Cultural Exchange at BU and Executive Vice President of Peking University (PKU) Bo Ya Yuanpei Business School.

In April this year, Beijing University Boya Yuanpei Business School (under BU) signed a partnership agreement with AD to co-develop an innovative ‘Travel and Learn’ Program. Besides merely being a course in the EMBA program, it will also provide students with opportunities to further their businesses through international and cross-cultural partnerships. In BU’s office, Mr Kan presented the roadmap of Beijing University Boya Global CEO College EMBA (GCC) in the coming months: The GCC Program will be open for registration in 2019 and 2020, and research programs will be categorized into 3 regions namely China (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Guangdong), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) and the Middle East (Israel, Greece, Turkey). Through integration of knowledge and resources, the Program aims to grow students in wisdom, perspective and build capacity, in order to open up new market opportunities and development possibilities for their businesses.

With good progress in preparation for the Program launch, Mr Wang expressed his high hopes regarding the launch in Singapore. He adds that Beijing University Boya embodies the spirit of Peking University, hence, the aforementioned Program functions as a perfect opportunity to serve the international community through this internationalized industry-university research collaboration, as service is the heartbeat of Beijing University Boya. Developers of the Program hope to impart innovative, entrepreneurial and creative knowledge and business know-hows.

During the conference, Office Director and Dean Assistant of Beijing University Boya Yuanpei Business School Mr. Zhang Yuantong and  Mr. Xu Yingjie accompanied Mr. Benny Kan, Chairman of 2000 AD Venture Pte Ltd to tour the campus of PKU and experience its campus culture. 

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