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Beida Boya Learning Journey Seminar, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 12 October 2019

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BEIJING UNIVERSITY BOYA (BU) Global CEO College ‘Learning Journey’ EMBA Program to launch in Singapore in October 2019

Beijing University Boya (BU) Global CEO College
‘Travel and Learn’ EMBA Program will be launching in Singapore in October 2019.

On 7 July this year, Chairman of Singapore 2000 A.D. Venture Pte Ltd (AD) Mr Benny Kan, who is managing the project, visited BU office for a detailed discussion on the launch with Mr Wang Shiming, Director of Centre for International Cultural Exchange at BU and Executive Vice President of Peking University (PKU) Bo Ya Yuanpei Business School.

In April this year, Beijing University Boya Yuanpei Business School (under BU) signed a partnership agreement with AD to co-develop an innovative ‘Travel and Learn’ Program. Besides merely being a course in the EMBA program, it will also provide students with opportunities to further their businesses through international and cross-cultural partnerships. In BU’s office, Mr Kan presented the roadmap of Beijing University Boya Global CEO College EMBA (GCC) in the coming months: The GCC Program will be open for registration in 2019 and 2020, and research programs will be categorized into 3 regions namely China (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Guangdong), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) and the Middle East (Israel, Greece, Turkey). Through integration of knowledge and resources, the Program aims to grow students in wisdom, perspective and build capacity, in order to open up new market opportunities and development possibilities for their businesses.

With good progress in preparation for the Program launch, Mr Wang expressed his high hopes regarding the launch in Singapore. He adds that Beijing University Boya embodies the spirit of Peking University, hence, the aforementioned Program functions as a perfect opportunity to serve the international community through this internationalized industry-university research collaboration, as service is the heartbeat of Beijing University Boya. Developers of the Program hope to impart innovative, entrepreneurial and creative knowledge and business know-hows.

During the conference, Office Director and Dean Assistant of Beijing University Boya Yuanpei Business School Mr. Zhang Yuantong and  Mr. Xu Yingjie accompanied Mr. Benny Kan, Chairman of 2000 AD Venture Pte Ltd to tour the campus of PKU and experience its campus culture. 

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北大博雅产学研基地(BU)全球CEO“旅行与学习”EMBA课程项目,将于2019年10月在新加坡面向全球启动。7月10日,项目负责人、新加坡2000A.D. VENTURE PTE LTD(AD)董事长简文伟到访北大博雅产学研基地办公室,就项目的深入开展等事宜,与北大博雅产学研基地国际文化交流中心主任、北大博雅元培商学院常务副院长王世明交换了意见。

今年4月,北大博雅产学研基地(BU)旗下的北大博雅·元培商学院与新加坡2000A.D. VENTURE PTE LTD(AD)签署了一项创新的全球“旅行和学习”计划协议,该计划将为受训学员提供EMBA课程和企业发展机会,特别是跨文化和跨国伙伴关系。在北大博雅产学研基地办公室,简文伟董事长向王世明主任介绍了北大博雅全球CEOEMBA课程(GCC)项目实施计划。简文伟说,北大博雅全球CEOEMBA课程(GCC)将于2019年和2020年开放注册,分设中国之旅(上海、浙江、香港、广东)、东南亚之行(新加坡、马来西亚、印度尼西亚)、中东之旅(以色列、希腊、土耳其)三个研学版块,旨在通过这种创新的“旅行和学习”,使受训学员增长才智、开阔视野、提升能力,通过知识和资源的整合,赋予受训学员全新的市场机遇和发展路径。



北大博雅全球CEO “旅行与学习” EMBA课程现已开放招生


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